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Photos and notes detailing routine maintenance of the Softride Classic SRS carbon fiber beam, used on various Softride bicycles from 1990-2007.
Hardware and software modifications performed on a DaVinci 1.0A 3D printer to add extra G-code-controllable fans.
A 3D-printable, customizable wall plate for switches and outlets, designed using OpenSCAD.
A solder fume extractor that uses a 140mm PC case fan and an articulating desk lamp stand. The optimal shape of the 3D-printed shroud was found through fluid simulations.
A 3D-printable fan bracket for mounting a 140mm case fan in a Tektronix TDS544A oscilloscope, designed using OpenSCAD.
An overview of the Matrix communication system, and instructions for joining the homeserver that I host and maintain.
A Windows utility for ThinkPads circa 2008 for switching between discrete and integrated GPUs.