I'm Calvin Walden, and this is my website. It's home to various personal projects I've worked on and want to share.

For more information about myself and this site, or for contact information, see the About page.

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A 3D-printable bracket for mounting four 2.5 inch drives inside a 2U SuperMicro server chassis.
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Photos and notes detailing routine maintenance of the Softride Classic SRS carbon fiber beam, used on various Softride bicycles from 1990-2007.
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A solder fume extractor that uses a 140mm PC case fan and an articulating desk lamp stand. The optimal shape of the 3D-printed shroud was found through fluid simulations.
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Mission complete2021-12-19
The obligatory and predictable "first post" post on this website, just barely hitting my goal to make it public in 2021.
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